EarthX ⓑ Earth Day 50th Anniversary April 22, 2020

Help us Plant 7.7 Billion Trees in 2020

EarthX ⓑ Zillion Tree Campaign is a worldwide initiative to plant zillions of trees around the world. This is our call to protect and restore planet earth.

The most effective way to combat climate change is to plant trees. A zillion of them.

Plant a Tree. Save our Planet.

We encourage people to plant a tree on their birthday. If each of us plant a tree for all the years we have been alive, the world will be a greener, healthier and better. Plant a tree on your special day. Watch it grow as you grow. This year however is special. We are celebrating the special year with a special challenge. Earth Day 2020 is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

One day isn’t enough for planet earth.

EarthX ⓑ will celebrate "Earth Month" by partnering with countries around the world. The goal is to plant 7.7 Billion trees, one for every human on the planet.

Time for a new record.

There are three trillion trees around the world. We can plant trillion more trees without competing for space. Additionally, we can restore the billions of trees facing imminent threat from climate change. In 2019, Ethiopia planted 350 million trees in a single day, setting a new world record. More than a million volunteers in India planted 220 million trees in a single day. Countries around the world are pitching in to plant as many trees as possible to combat climate change. Any tree, planted by anyone, anywhere counts! Big or small, every tree makes a difference!

Why plant trees?

Trees are like magic —

  • They help us fight global climate change.
  • They help us breathe better.
  • They are great for the people and the environment.
  • And, more as in the tree below.

Let’s plant some and more!

To reach the 7.7 billion tree goal, we want each and every one of you to participate in the challenge. Help us spread the challenge by sharing it with your friends, family, colleagues, communities, businesses, and more. If you cannot plant a tree yourself, please donate. We will plant it for you. Every dollar plants a tree.

$1 Dollar = 1 Tree

Join the green movement. Build a greener planet, together!

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Where is your Tree?

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