Bellas Christmas at Skid Row, Los Angeles

~ Bella of Bellaland

Skid Row - One of the most troubled homeless communities of America. I had to see it myself so I can understand better and help better.

I was hoping to distribute food, basic items and treat 50-100 people at McDonald’s for lunch but soon realized restaurant sit-in was out of their comfort zone. I decided to stop at every block and distribute “Bellas Bag of Love” filled with food and basic needs.

I couldn’t take any pictures, not even one, didn’t feel right. Thought, what if someone takes a picture of me in my miserable state? So, I shut my phone down and did my best with empathy and compassion. Their lives are not for sale or publicity. I could take pictures when I get them out of the streets for a better life. I was mostly helping old, sick, and disabled people who cannot help themselves. My heart was filled with love, something I cannot find elsewhere.

Few of them opened up, shared their stories and asked for more help. A forty-one year-old woman, former teacher with hernia showed her big swollen stomach with multiple stitches. It looked like a fully pregnant belly with a long stitch, two operations in six months. Another beaten up fifty-eight year-old woman with broken teeth dragged herself and the cart making several stops along the way as she was too tired to walk for food or wait in line at one of the oldest and biggest charities of America. She said, “I don’t like shelters. I’d rather be here on the streets”. Another man who was recently homeless said he’ll be out in few weeks. Rest of them are crippled, sick and too broken to speak or share their stories.

Find your calling!

I had to unlearn the rat race of the world and life in corporate America. Two decades of running and running with no life, no family, and nothing pushed me to a broken state and soul-searching. I made a hard stop at forty calling it enough. I quit the corporate world and focused on living a life for a higher purpose, doing things that truly fills my heart.

Life is short, maybe long. What is important? Do what matters the most to you, not others. Find your calling!

This is not for everyone. If you think it is, do not hold back. Do not let anyone or anything stop you. Do it!

Most fulfilling Christmas ever. Much peace and love. Blessings!! 🙌✌️🙌

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