Bella played a secret Santa for Christmas in the Skid Row of Los Angeles

There are almost 50 lost souls in a block, imagine that!

Bella of Bellaland visited the skid row as “secret Santa” on Christmas day. Bella insisted on visiting the community in person to understand the situation better and to serve better.

“Bellas Bag of Love” filled with basic needs, burgers, chicken nuggets, cookies, candies, juice, water, napkins and more were distributed to the people who needed the most help. Tents, jackets, blankets, clothes, socks, shoes, winter supplies will be added to the bags next year. The bags were gifted by Bella.

“There are almost 50 lost souls in a block, imagine that. They don’t live on the streets. They die on the streets”.


They need our help desperately. We cannot do this alone. Please support us. Please open your hearts, donate what you can and volunteer when you can. Your support is greatly appreciated. Volunteers are needed for Bellas Angels, Bellas Army, and Bellas Band.

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Bellaland Better World Church —

A Church for Homeless. A Church for Humanity. A Church for all of us.

Bellaland will open new interfaith churches across the country and the world to serve the homeless population and the people who needs the most help.

We embrace all the 4200 religions all our world. We belong to one race — The Human Race!

Our religion is “Humanity”.

What would God do for homeless, hungry, poor, broken, lost and lonely?
As the religious books quote, God will embrace them with a big heart and open arms.

If you are believer of God,
Why don’t we follow a similar path?

If you are a non-believer,
What would you do to protect something you care?

If you are a believer of science,
What would you do to save science?

The world will be a better place if we open our eyes, minds and hearts for a higher purpose. The church will open the door for homeless, hungry, poor, lost and broken souls. Everyone deserves food in their stomach and roof over their head. Bellas Better World church is for new beginnings, new experiences, and to use our abilities to move beyond our limitations. The church will provide hope, resources, and customized care to those struggling with homelessness and life.

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Bella is a giver, engineer, entrepreneur, biker, and the fearless founder of Bellaland who left Wall Street and Silicon Valley after two decades to build Bellaland and a better world. She grew up wanting to be smart as Bill Gates, compassionate as Mother Teresa and strong as iron ladies of our world.

“I had to lose myself to find myself. I know the pain and despair. How crazy the world can drive us? How to be sane in the insane world?

My goal is to help the “lost souls” of our world so they are not lost forever!

When people in power are breaking rules, exploiting the system, self-proclaiming as messengers of God, and building churches for personal gain— It's time for the good people to step up and do what is right”.

We need real Heroes!

Bella of Bellaland
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If we can’t do something about it, who can? Join us!!

Board of Bellaland

Interested in joining our Board? What Board do you want to serve? Contact us!

We want to work with all women and men who believes in equality!

Bellaland is a company for all people, good people who believes in a better world.

Join us. We are stronger together!

If you are lost, lone and miserable out there, you belong here more than anywhere else.

If you are sick and tired of fake selfish world, you belong here more than anywhere else.

If you are one of those sick fake ones, please stay away.

Do not make it difficult for us, here too.

Thank you! ~ Bella

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