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Please give what you can. Help where it is needed most. Thank you!

When I started Bellaland, I had an easy option of running it as a for-profit company with advertising and big money from investors, but I decided not to take that route. Our mission is to be lean and clean free from greed.

We have been self-funding our efforts until now, but we are drying up. If you can help us, even in a small way, please do. Donate whatever you can to protect and sustain Bellaland.

Thank You,

Bella of Bellaland (Founder)

** The contributions to Bellaland Better World Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. The Federal Tax ID# 84-2574257. **

Board of Bellaland

Interested in joining our Board? What Board do you want to serve? Contact us!

We want to work with all women and men who believes in equality!

Bellaland is a company for all people, good people who believes in a better world.

Join us. We are stronger together!

If you are lost, lone and miserable out there, you belong here more than anywhere else.

If you are sick and tired of fake selfish world, you belong here more than anywhere else.

If you are one of those sick fake ones, please stay away.

Do not make it difficult for us, here too.

Thank you! ~ Bella

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No one is alone on Bellaland.

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