Set Your Greatest Goals Ever!

You Owe it to Yourself.

Not every journey is simple and straightforward. Adapt and change course as and when needed.

Most of us know that we want more in life. Some of us want a better quality of life financially, some of us want to be healthier and feel better about ourselves, some want to gain more knowledge and perhaps learn new skills. Many of us have dreams and wishes for the future, which is great.

The problem sometimes with dreams and wishes is that we promise to ourselves that ‘someday I’ will get started an exercise program to start looking and feeling better and become a healthier person, ‘someday I’ will start reading more books or enroll in a course that will improve me personally and perhaps professionally. ‘Someday I’ will start paying off my debts and clear my credit card. Or ‘someday I’ will find a career or a hobby that I will feel passionate about. The problem with ‘someday I’ is that we can almost trick ourselves into believing that sometime in the future we will set concrete goals and take the necessary actions to get what we want. The last time I checked there was seven days in a week and ‘someday’ is not one of them. The time to set your goals and take action is now, you owe it to yourself.

I have been writing my goals down on paper for almost 30 years with different levels of success. I have found that the best way to achieve goals was to turn a goal list into a more manageable to-do list with deadlines.

Here is my checklist that has helped me to set my greatest ever goals and achieve them.

1. Set Goals For You

When you are setting your goals, they should be yours and yours alone, not your partners, not a friends, not goals that you feel pressurized socially to have. Don’t allow other people to determine your goals and your future. This is your journey, your adventure, and therefore your goals should be what ‘You’ really want to achieve.

2. Your Goals Should Be Important To You

If you set goals that excite you and inspire you to take action everyday to get one step closer to achieving them it is a lot easier. When setting your goals, ask yourself ‘why is achieving this goal important to me?’ Jim Rohn said “When your why gets stronger, the how gets easier.”

3. Your Goals Should be Flexible

The journey to achieve you goals and your dreams change as you do. Not every journey will be simple and straightforward, therefore we must be willing to adapt and change course when necessary. Be flexible but always have your end goal in sight.

4. Your Goals Should Excite You

You should set goals for yourself that excite you everyday, but also goals that stretch you and force you out of your comfort zone. Plan each day in advance and don’t leave your future success to chance. Have the kind of goals and daily habits that will keep you on course foran awesome life.

5. Your Goals Should Be Enjoyable

Every new book that you read, every workout that you do, or every debt that you payoff should be enjoyable and fill you with a great sense of accomplishment. If you enjoy what you are doing it, you will feel excited to keep up your positive life changing habits.

6. Your Goals Should Be Realistic

Set goals that will stretch you, but be realistic. I will never be an Olympic athlete, a University lecturer or a Wall Street stockbroker, but I can still drastically improve my fitness, massively expand  my knowledge and clear my debts if I put my mind to it and take action. Have goals that you know that you will achieve with hard work and more belief in yourself.

7. Share Your Goals With Others

Sharing your exciting goals is a great way to make yourself more accountable to yourself. You will be amazed the power of  sharing goals and working with others can have to push each other and help to achieve your goals. Be sure to share your goals with like minded positive people who will inspire you and push you.

Why not start today with your exciting list of goals, and make your life the best ever?

Published By: Bellaland, Positive Oasis

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