No, No Tips for a Job Interview

Unless you really don't want the job, that is.

Take the Lead, Keep it Cool, Keep it Classy!

1. The BYOC

Your interviewer tries to shake your hand but gets a fistful of latte. You get self-conscious about your coffee breath. Then you forget your now-old, cold cup on the interviewer's desk.

2. The Spin Cycle

Nervous interviewees swivel back and forth so much, you worry they'll get whiplash," says Laura Sherbin, director of research at the nonprofit Center for Talent Innovation.

3. The Text Talk

No matter how cool the person who will interview you seems, e-mailing them like they're your BFF is unprofessional AF. Take the other person's lead in tone, and keep it classy.

4. The Sneak-a-Smoke

You will likely be in close quarters with your interviewer. Strong odors are off-putting, so don't light up beforehand. No, masking it with perfume won't work either.

5. The Bad Suit

Try on your outfit two days in advance. If you are uncomfortable, anyone looking at you will be too, says Sherbin. The key is fit more than fashion: Avoid clothes that are too clingy or too loose and sloppy.

6. The Diva Act

Be friendly and polite to everyone at the office—not only your inter viewer—or no one will trust you to work with potential clients, Sherbin says.

7. The Phone Pas

Turn off your phone before you arrive. If it rings mid-conversation, ignore it or turn it off discreetly, Sherbin says. "Whatever you do, don't check that text or missed call."

8. The Pen Tap

Are you a nervous fidgeter? Remove any ammo that might distract you or your interviewer. Put your pencil or pen on the table or in your bag, and keep your hands folded in your lap.

9. The Shoe Swap

Switch to your killer heels before you get there—not in the reception area or bathroom. Keep them on until you're a few blocks away. Sorry, no one wants to see your feet.

Published By: Cosmo, Bellaland

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