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Resume Builder - Keep it Simple!

Remember, a busy resume won’t show off your personality. Simple is good. Let your skills and work experience set you apart.

Resume Builder

Resume Builder is an online tool that organizes your work history, education and other professional experience into a cohesive resume. Resume builders remove the guesswork from creating a resume. They are especially useful for novice resume writers but can be used by any job seeker.

Resume builders use resume templates as a guide for their system, so the internal process is very similar to the process you would go through if you simply found a template yourself and filled in all of the requested information (i.e. work history, education, skills). Of course, the benefit of a resume builder is that you don’t have to do all of the work yourself, making it a quick and painless option.

Most resume builders follow a similar process: The job seeker selects a template to use, then inputs information into each resume section individually. The resume builder then compiles the information into the selected template. At the end, the resume can be downloaded for personal use.

How is a Resume Builder Helpful?

A resume builder is a helpful solution for any job seeker. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by the resume process, are short on time, or are just looking to improve upon your current resume, resume builders can help.

Resume builders can help answer tough questions, like:

  • Which resume sections are important to include?
  • Which information should be omitted?
  • What contact information should be included?
  • Where on the resume does “Education” go?
  • How should dates be formatted?

Having access to these answers (for free, in many cases) is invaluable to a job seeker. In fact, many builders and templates are actually built by HR professionals, which gives you insider advice without the pricetag of outside resume services (which can cost up to $1,100).

Resume builders are also a great way to help you organize and format your resume. How your resume is formatted can have a big impact on whether or not you get an interview. Format is important partly because it determines which information the hiring manager sees first (their first impression of you), and partly because format impacts the way that applicant tracking systems read, or “parse,” your resume.

How to use a Resume Builder Correctly

Resume builders are a great resource, but they are not always perfect. For example, some builders will attach their branding to the footer of your resume, making it very obvious to the recruiter or hiring manager that you’ve used a resume builder. Information can also be uploaded incorrectly. Plus, you could be using the wrong resume format altogether.

While using a resume builder isn’t necessarily frowned upon by hiring managers and recruiters, not taking the time to customize your resume will make you look lazy. So, how should you use resume builders to produce the perfect resume?

Use resume builders as a jumping off point for your resume and make sure you agree with each section the builder suggests. If a resume builder asks you to input information that you don’t think is relevant to the job for which you are applying, edit it out. Vice versa, if there is a piece of information you think a recruiter or hiring manager should know about you but the resume builder doesn’t ask for it, add it in afterward.

Always take the time to develop a professional depiction of yourself that you are proud of. Then you won’t have to make major changes to your resume as your career develops. You will already have a solid foundation with which to work.

Make Use of multiple Resume Builders

If you have the time, utilizing more than one resume builder is a good strategy. For example, build your resume on a few different resume builders and compare the finished products to determine what you like or don’t like.

What combination of resumes highlights your best accomplishments? No one has your exact career history, so there is no perfect, one-size-fits-all solution. Each resume builder uses different resume templates, and one template might work better for you than another. Give yourself a few different options to work from.

Compare a few favorite resume options, and choose the best for you.

Customize Your Resume

An important step in using a resume builder is to make it your own. Most builders will let you choose from a few different free resume designs. Always choose a clean, simple resume format without unusual fonts and bright colors. Remember, a busy resume won’t show off your personality, it will just be distracting. Keep the resume design simple and let your skills and work experience set you apart from other job seekers.

Customizing your resume using keywords is an absolutely crucial step. Resume keywords help you get through applicant tracking systems and give the recruiter or hiring manager further insight about who you are. Customizing your resume can be time consuming, but it’s worth it.

The final step in using resume builders is to proofread and edit the finished product. You might think it looks great at first glance, but typos will be the first thing the hiring manager notices when skimming your resume. Take a couple minutes to read it over for spelling and grammar, and consider having a friend read it over as well. Grammarly is a good resource to use at the very end.

Top 10 Resume Builder Reviews

A good resume builder will help you create a strong professional resume with ease. However, searching for a good builder can be overwhelming because of all of the available options. Don’t fear! We’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 for you.


VisualCV is among the cleanest and most user friendly options on this list. It allows for LinkedIn and resume file imports, offers free hosting for your resume, as well as a personally branded hosting option for premium members. VisualCV pushes its premium option pretty strongly and you are given two clean yet limited designs to choose from if you don’t upgrade to a paid account. You don’t get a lot of text editing tools, but you do get the ability to click and add text directly on your template, giving you the ability to see exactly what your PDF export will look like in real time. is just about as easy as it gets. It’s also just about as basic as it gets. If that’s all you’re looking for, it’s a great option. When building your resume you can edit it section by section without having to page backward. In fact, the overall user experience of this resume builder is top notch. You can even switch out resume templates at any point in the drafting process without starting over. is now completely free, offering 24 different templates. Download, print, or share your resume without ever entering your credit card information. Of the templates available, many are graphic-heavy and include columns, which are not easily parsed by ATS. However, there are a few great ATS-friendly options available.

CV Maker

CV Maker is a simple, free solution for building resumes. For free, you can do quite a lot. You can save your resume and make it accessible by an individual link, export your resume in PDF, HTML, and TXT file formats, and more. Like many of the resume makers on this list, the preview you see prior to exporting your resume is very limited. There are a handful of design options to choose from and all of them are clean (yet admittedly drab) designs. Creating a resume using this tool took just a few minutes without any sign up required.


Resumonk is another excellent resume builder, though its interface is considerably more cluttered than others. They push the $19 premium account plan that gives you access to a number of additional features such as multiple resumes, additional file export formats, and cover letters. What you do get for free is no slouch. You receive public hosting for your resume, many unique and pleasant designs, plenty of text formatting options, and more.


Resume-Now is powered by LiveCareer but is a bit different visually than its counterpart. This resume builder is easy to use and offers an unlimited number of resumes and cover letters as well as 21 templates. Downloads are free, but only available as a .txt file, which works well for most ATS. Note that Resume-Now will ask you to upgrade your account (for a small cost), but you can bypass that option by choosing “download” and selecting the plain text option instead of “finish resume.”


From the start, Novoresume is easy to use and isn’t loaded with pop ups like many of the other free resume builders. This builder has tons of free resume template options (eight, to be exact) as well as CV and cover letter templates. Choose wisely, however, since you’ll only get one free use. PDF is your only download option when working with this builder and it only allows for one free download of each template (ie: one resume, one cover letter and one CV). After that, you’ll pay at least $6.99/month to keep using the resume builder.


LiveCareer is easy to use and has a simple interface. With this resume builder, you are restricted to an ATS-friendly text file (.txt) with a free account, and have the option to spend a couple bucks to get 14-day access to multiple file type downloads, a cover letter builder, and more. You can opt for monthly subscriptions for about $8.


SlashCV boasts itself as a simple, easy-to-use resume maker, and it lives up to its reputation. You don’t need to sign up or even submit your email to start building your resume or generate a clean PDF. Signing up with your email address and a password gives you access to a number of additional features, including the ability to select from a handful of nice-looking resume style templates and save and edit your resume. You can also link your Dropbox account for easy sharing. The text editor included in the interface is as basic as it gets. You can bold text and set up either ordered (numbered) or unordered lists. You can’t set up multiple columns for things like a skills section, but columns are not ideal for ATS anyway.


ResumUP as a service is packed with options. You can create anything from ATS-friendly resumes to dynamic infographic resumes, and more. If you’re sticking to the free service, you are pretty much stuck with the ATS resume template, which is about as plain to read as they get. You can, however, see your resume using any of the many premium templates to get a feel for how well it works.


ResumeGenius has a great user interface, beautiful resume templates, and a comprehensive set of prewritten items for virtually any job type. Where ResumeGenius fails for free users is that it promises free access to your resume but doesn’t deliver. You have to sign up for a $1.95 14-day trial (or $7.95 monthly plan) to download the resume you’ve created in any other format but a simple ATS-friendly text file. Accessing that text file download requires a bit of work. You have to leave the builder and go back to the website from the front page, click “log in,” and select a text file download option from a dropdown.

Final Steps

Once you build your resume, use Jobscan to triple your chances of getting an interview. Just upload or paste your resume as well as a job description and you’ll immediately get a rating of how well your resume matches up to that job, as well as personalized tips for improvement.

Resume Builder Glossary

TXT Export: Allows user to save resume as a TXT file.

PDF Export: Allows user to save resume as a PDF file.

HTML Export: Allows user to save resume as a HTML file.

DOC Export: Allows user to save resume as a DOC file.

WYSIWYG Editor: Stands for “what you see is what you get” and means that when the resume is completed, all text and graphics will look exactly as they looked during editing.

Form-Based Editor: Allows the user to customize multiple pages and tabs.

Multiple Free Templates: Create multiple templates for free.

Free Hosting: There is no cost to use these resume builders.

Advanced Text Editing Tools: Text editing tools extend beyond basic font options.

Resume Import: Allow the user to import resume rather than starting from scratch.

Pre-Written Content: Gives the user content ideas based on their job title.

Free Downloads

Looking for an easy-to-use resume builder? Try these:

Looking for a resume builder that is also a personal landing page and portfolio builder? This is the one for you:

Looking for a totally free resume builder with no hidden upgrades? Then look here:

Looking for an ATS-compatible resume builder? This is a good place to start:

Looking for thousands of template options? Have at ‘em:

Looking for a resume builder that connects to your Google Drive account? Look no further:

Looking for a wordpress plugin for resume building? Here ya go:

Looking for a quick resume builder? This is it:

Looking to start your resume using Facebook? Okay then:

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